Best videotron deals

Best videotron deals

Videotron is a division of Quebecor. Since , Videotron and Rogers are partner. It has others services such as: Toggle navigation Mobile Internet Blog About us. Your location doesn t match your selected province. Voice 0 min 50 min min min min min min min Unlimited Calls.

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On Nov. I asked both sides why for a story published at Cartt. Videotron declined to comment, while Bell did the same but not before telling me that it has filed copyright and trademark infringement claims against Videotron for continuing to use video-on-demand content it has no rights for. This August, Bell presented an offer to Videotron to keep distributing the new Crave, which Videotron neither accepted nor rejected. On Oct. Videotron said it was considering its options, but again neither accepted nor rejected the offer.

The deadline passed, and Oct. The offers and contracts are confidential, so we have no idea which side is being unreasonable here. On the other hand, Bell only seems to have this problem with Videotron. Rogers, Shaw, Telus, Cogeco and others have successfully reached deals with them. In the meantime, Videotron subscribers continue to deal with an incomplete offer of services. Bell and Videotron have reached an agreement over the distribution of Crave , and Videotron is now a participating service provider listed on crave.

On Aug. Thanks to the new deal, there will be a free preview for all digital cable subscribers, from Feb. Videotron has reached a last-minute deal to keep the channel. I wrote a short story about the decision for Cartt. But for Videotron, which operates in Quebec and has mainly a francophone audience, it looks like it just became too much. Before Videotron finally added AMC in , it was among the most requested channels by subscribers. Not terribly impressive. Does it make sense for Videotron to jump through so many hoops to keep this channel in their lineup?

For some customers, this will no doubt be a deal-breaker. Videotron has taken that into account with its decision, and it still makes more sense to let AMC go. AMC has all the power in this relationship, with a billion dollars in annual revenue and more than 90 million subscribers to its flagship channel in the U. In , with its Wholesale Code, the CRTC made it illegal for broadcasters to impose abusive penetration-based rates or minimum revenue guarantees.

If enough of them reject it, and AMC risks being shut out of Canada, it might change its demands. But what are the chances of enough Canadian providers being willing to alienate their own customers? The news was just announced via text message. But it means if you want to watch the Canadiens this season and what a coincidence, their season starts tonight , you can finally do so on the go legally as a Videotron subscriber.

Maybe someday…. In a big step toward the principle of net neutrality, the CRTC today established policies about differential pricing of Internet data both wireless and wired and ruled that a Videotron promotion that offers free streaming of music from selected music streaming services is against the rules. The Videotron promotion in question is called Unlimited Music, which it debuted in August And the way it worked was it reached agreements with several music providers like Spotify and Google Play and Apple Music and exempted that data from its data caps for premium data plans.

People with those higher-end plans could stream as much music as they wanted and never worry about busting their data caps. It took minutes for net neutrality advocates to say this was wrong. I literally came out of the press conference announcing it and was on the phone with the head of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre who immediately said it was against the rules. But it took a year and a half for the CRTC process to unfold to declare it so. It was mistaken.

There are some exceptions. One is for administrative functions. The commission also leaves the door open to other exceptions opening up, and providers applying for pre-approval of new ideas. CRTC staff tell me such applications would go through the usual application process. Otherwise, the commission will use guidelines established in its policy to evaluate after the fact, following complaints whether a service or program is compliant.

And there were no exceptional circumstances to warrant an exception to the rules. So Videotron has until July 19 to bring Unlimited Music into compliance with the rules. To be clear, this decision relates to data pricing only. Promotions like Rogers offering free Spotify subscriptions to certain users are still legal. But Rogers must treat the data from Spotify like any other Internet data. In the meantime, the Unlimited Music offer remains in effect until further notice, and it promises to keep subscribers up to date.

In final offer arbitration, both parties present complete contracts to the commission, and it chooses one in its entirety or, exceptionally, can refuse both. This method of conflict resolution has the advantage of rewarding whichever side presents the most reasonable-seeming offer, and so encouraging both sides to be more reasonable in those offers. According to the documents submitted, Bell and Videotron managed to work out most of their differences on the new contract, including multiplatform rights, which Videotron has been trying to get a deal on since at least And it made it clear it sees these rights as essential:.

Not quite yet, it seems. Few Bell services are available to Videotron customers this way, and few TVA services are available to Bell customers. But hopefully this will help speed up discussions about getting those services on board as well. Since the CRTC arbitration in the end concerned mainly just the wholesale fee for RDS, the arguments presented by Bell and Videotron mainly concerned trying to set a higher or lower value on the channels. Comparing ratings is tricky, especially for this past season, since no Canadian teams made the NHL playoffs.

There were a lot of other issues with arguments on both sides, and of course plenty of other arguments were presented that were redacted in the public documents. But it found RDS could not justify the rate increase it wanted when you look at historical rates, which it found more relevant to this case. The other factor that swayed the commission was the variability of the rate. Instead of a fixed per-subscriber rate, both offers proposed a scale where the larger the number of subscribers overall, the lower the per-subscriber rate.

Illico Apple Watch app with shuffle function. This app is, as far as anyone working for Videotron knows, the first of its kind. It allows users with next-generation Illico TV terminals to control them using the watch. At least a little bit. Jean-Pierre Gauvin, principal director of development and planning for Illico, said they wanted to start simple, and not try to replicate the features of the remote control onto a tiny watch app. So instead, the app has two screens and two basic functions.

The one the team seemed the most excited about was shuffle. By pressing a yellow button, the TV is commanded to pick a channel at random, from among those you subscribe to or from a preset list sports, family, film, music, news, anglo, franco and HD only. The first screen of the app seems to me the one that will get the more use. I could see this actually getting use. No record button. No channel up or down or volume adjustment function.

No voice interaction. Nor can you actually watch video on the watch not that too many people would want to do that. Gauvin said they wanted to start with basic stuff, get the app out there, and then add new functions later. And they might get annoyed by the fact that what little functionality is there is buggy.

And despite their claims of instantaneous reaction, most of the time it took about a second for the tap to result in a change on the screen. Asked why this was developed for the Apple Watch and not other Android-based smart watches such as the Samsung Gear , Gauvin explained that the closed Apple environment made development and testing easier. Two weeks after the fact, Videotron announced today that it has met the March 15 deadline set by the CRTC in February to set up an advisory committee for community channel MAtv in Montreal.

The commission made the requirement in response to a complaint that MAtv was not properly representing the community it serves. That decision was also released today , and it allows Videotron to start up the service but denies the additional funding necessary to do so. But because of the non-compliance, and because it felt MAtv already had enough funding, the CRTC says Videotron must start this new service without any additional funding. That severely lessens the chances of it happening.

The commission notes that the community TV policy will be reviewed in the coming year, and presumably the discrepancy between Videotron and Bell will be addressed through that. You can read more background on this issue here and here. TSN3 and TSN4, whose main feature will be blacked-out Jets and Leafs games, and occasionally a different Premier League soccer match or college football on weekends, will be added on Oct.

The service would meet all of the regulatory requirements for bilingual pay-per-view systems , with one notable exception: Rather than adhere to a 3: And it would offer at least two English channels. Videotron said in its application it planned to operate eight French-language and two English-language channels, which would fit its proposed ratio.

Since Videotron operates almost exclusively in Quebec, having more French channels makes sense for its pay-per-view service. The CRTC agreed, implementing the exception. Indigo currently offers 11 standard-definition and three high-definition channels, while Videotron carries eight SD and one HD channel of Viewers Choice. With this minimum of English-language signals, Videotron must offer at least 12 French-language signals to meet the ratio.

Accordingly, Videotron will be able to maintain a level of service comparable to that currently offered by its French-language service. This whole system seems to be unnecessarily rigid. Videotron had already begun trimming Indigo, taking away six of its 11 SD channels. With this decision, it will need to start four of them back up or start up four new HD feeds.

Vidéotron now offers unlimited internet at Mbps for $65

Keeping up with your favourite series has never been easier! Viewing television and video content on mobile devices is a clear trend. Videotron understands that mobile devices are a fantastic platform for accessing all kinds of content. This new initiative will make our customers lives easier and meet a real need. This campaign is also a way for Videotron, the newest player in the Quebec mobile market, to stand out from the competition. Club illico:

Internet service is becoming increasingly important to Canadians as much of our daily business and entertainment is accomplished through our high speed internet connections. At the same time cable and phone companies are seeing their revenues and profits slip away as many people are cancelling or reducing their home phone, television, and long distance services in favour of internet based solutions.

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Hotels & places to stay near Centre Videotron, Quebec City (Canada)

The Videotron Centre French: The value of the deal will increase if an NHL franchise moves into the arena; Quebecor has actively backed an expansion franchise for Quebec City. The arena is comparable in size to PPG Paints Arena , the home arena of the Pittsburgh Penguins , and occupies approximately 64, square metres of space, down from the originally proposed 70, square metres. The design is also similar to Rogers Place , the home arena of the Edmonton Oilers. In an interview for the American magazine Sports Illustrated , Populous architect and lead project designer Kurt Amundsen said that the arena was "absolutely a hockey-first design with the intention of them securing an NHL team in the near future.

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I was impressed at how uncomplicated it was to switch my Internet service from Bell to Videotron. First a bit of background.. I might get it to work but would lose the apps on Fibe TV. The Videotron technician was at my door at the promised hour and after running a new drop cable from the pole he came into the house to verify my internal wiring.. A few more seconds for the two devices to shake hands and I had a solid Internet connection.. After a 25 minute wait I was connected to a pleasant gentleman and the process was painless.. Welcome to Videotron Bob. Thank you for writing this.

Why I hate Bell: a diatribe

The following 4 hotels are close to the Videotron Centre and near a public transit station that offers free parking and shuttle service to the stadium:. Family-style restaurant options abound in the Vanier area, which is best navigated by car. Here are a few family classics:. Limoilou is a vibrant neighbourhood with a great selection of local restaurants. We recommend:. Most restaurants are on Saint-Joseph and Saint-Vallier, two of the main shopping streets.

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Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. More New Posts. Page 1 of 4 Jump to page: Next Last. So grand total is: I ll pay more and pay for the modem to avoid hassles with short term discounts. I d rather support the third party players. Thanks OP.

Videotron Centre

Telus strong performance in Montreal , Bell s historic headquarters, was a surprise this year. While the two carriers share towers in Montreal, we saw better performance on our Telus phone—perhaps because Telus isn t as popular a choice as Quebec s old-school, incumbent carrier. Rogers was behind the two winners, but its speeds were still very good. Rogers wanted to point out to us locations in the Montreal metro area, especially on the south shore, where its speeds turn out better than Bell s and Telus , so we measured at two locations Rogers recommended in St. If Rogers can extend that kind of performance into central Montreal, it could take the crown here again. Videotron shares a physical network with Rogers, but its speeds are much slower because it doesn t have access to Rogers Band 7 spectrum. The company tells us it s working on it; if it gets access to the full network, its average speeds in urban Montreal should double. We also tested in the Metro system , where we were wowed by speeds that were similar to what we saw on the surface. Montreal s underground coverage, with all four carriers supported, is much better than Toronto s.

Multi-product bundles Explore the Multi-products section Custom bundles Newcomers.

Videotron s mobile plans in Canada

Customers of all four wireless providers will be able to browse the Internet, watch videos, listen to streamed music, make and receive calls and so much more, directly from within the metro cars and throughout the tunnels and stations. The focus, over the next two years, will be to deploy the wireless network in the most-travelled stations along the green and orange lines, between Beaudry and Guy-Concordia on the green line and between Mont-Royal and Namur on the orange line. We are also meeting our objective of offering an enhanced and more enjoyable user experience while continuing to improve the delivery of real-time information to our customers. It is a challenging undertaking to be sure, and a worthwhile one. Over the coming months we will invest to extend this network even further throughout the metro, for the first time bringing robust wireless networks to our customer travelling underground. Videotron is committed to delivering the best user experience by keeping customers connected when they want, where they want. From left to right: Isabelle A. Cadieux fidomobile. Press releases News Elsewhere on the web Media resources Subscribe to email alerts. Press release.

This section was produced by the editorial department. The client was not given the opportunity to put restrictions on the content or review it prior to publication. May 29, Rogers Communications Inc. The companies announced the year agreement to work together on a long-term evolution also known as fourth-generation network late Wednesday. BCE Inc. The aim is to economize on the capital required for the build but the companies will continue to compete on a retail level, retaining separate product offerings, customer service and billing systems. Videotron purchased those licences in the auction, which included a set-aside for new entrants to the wireless market, but never built a network in that area. The companies said Videotron will have the option to transfer the licences beginning Jan.

All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Profile Join. Travel feed: Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox. Read Reviews of Le Centre Videotron. La Cabane Urbaine. Be the first to review this restaurant. Wilfrid-Hamel Centre De Foires. Bistro du Colisee Pepsi.

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