Deals groupon kgb

Deals groupon kgb

This is not my first experience of this phenomenon, and probably not the last — but the most recent. As many of you know, we have challenged the flash selling deal concept in numerous forums and articles. Innfinite wins the full service on line contract for the prestigious TIME Hotels group in Dubai, fending off stiff competition from major international companies. Innfinite wins new on line presence contract for Chardon Management brand Hotel Deals , and has launched new Chardon Hotels brand website. UK Hotel Experts - Innfinite.

Facebook Deals Takes Aim At Groupon and LivingSocial

Traditionally, there has been something magic with a coupon. Hotels had a successful rebranding of the coupons, calling them vouchers. Some even put their coupons into cards, calling them reward programs. A deal is always a deal and it touches my heart whenever I see a well phrased offer. Of late, coupons have started to move into the digital space. Well, coupons have been there for a long time, but not the kind of coupons that you bring into an offline store and hand of in an intimate moment with the cashier.

On the horizon there are about a million competitors trying to battle it out in being the sole distributor of these digital coupons. Although I believe neither of them are employing a long term successful strategy, I still think that they are the two who will give it a run for the money. Neither Groupon or Facebook Deals allows you to post a deal on your own. Here is something both have got quite nicely right. Both of them make a big fuzz about the count down, they both clearly show what you save and they both show the price you pay.

Naturally, Facebook Deals is superior in the ways you can share a deal. Groupon however has a functionality that I believe Facebook Deals really should focus on getting as well — Buy it for a friend. As I have written previously, Facebook Deals would be a great tool for group purchases. As the amount of money grows, more deals become available. They used to have it in their digital gifts store in the early days. However, back to the comparison. Groupon has got it right. Gifts is big business online, and they are taking full advantage of that.

One of the rules of improving conversion rate is to maintain scent. The user seller should confirm that the user is still on the right track on claiming the purchase they first entered to complete. The scent is built through the use of consistent colors, call to action, price levels, discounts, buttons, and images throughout the complete check out process. If they change too much, a user gets confused and might think that the vendor is trying to fool them or that they have ended up in the wrong place and thus do not complete the purchase.

Thus, they expect to do it the wrong way and try to find every excuse to blame stupidity in not completing the purchase. Thus, over confirm their every step along the process. The technology of creating a digital coupon is becoming increasingly available at very affordable prices. In fact, it is free to create many digital coupons already. Distributors of QR-codes and other such solutions have made it extremely simple to adopt the new technology and thus the cost is very limited.

Neither Facebook Deals or Groupon takes on a strategy where they become the distributor of existing deals, but they create unique deals on their platform. Although Facebook has noted they are trying to make their deals more social, I suspect they will focus on the sharing of existing deals, rather than the submission of social deals, ie. As a customer I want to walk around town and get ALL available deals in one device. Facebook can still steal this void in front of the noses of the others if they make it possible for me to post my best deals onto my wall.

That way they will create a natural place for deals in the sharing space. I think it will have great impact on CTR, and that it will have inpact on ranking. BUT to get the Groupon effect you will still need to have the signup. Game Over Groupon. Thus their conversion would be more Biconic as described in your other excellent post — http: I think there is a huge void in the market. I believe this is the wrong way to go about it. The huge potential in deals is when you let users create their own deals, ie.

In my social sphere something new or something extraordinary might just be the deal we are looking for. So, how would Facebook and Groupon earn money from this? Well, naturally, they can pay to promote user stories. Thats the catch and why it wont work unless google joins the goldrush. The biggest reason for me to believe in google deals as in maps not google. Im not sure about the pricing of Facebook check-in deals while Groupon is more or less always a deal that will end with no earning. Do you have any experiense from how many of the costumers that returns after they have used Groupon?

Thats the whole idea from the beginning. Now i get the feeling that Groupon user just sits around wating for deals instead of buying to retail prices. By the way have you seen the new youtube features? Does spotify have reason to be afraid or can we be sure to get more features on spotify? Your email address will not be published. You may also like. Previous article Cameron vs. Free speach — a true but frightening story.

Who do you refer to as the customer in this instance? The advertiser or the buyer? Nice post! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. More Stories.

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The OFT has informed the companies that its recent investigation into Groupon has set an industry standard and their practices must be in line with its ruling. The OFT said it is monitoring complaints about unfair commercial practices in the daily deals market and will take enforcement action against companies that breach the law. Groupon reached a settlement with the OFT earlier this year, in which it agreed to "change its practices to comply with the law" and apologised for letting customers down. The OFT s main concerns related to Groupon s failure to conduct promotions fairly, exaggerating savings claims, and failure to provide evidence that offers were available.

He reports on the UK Daily Deal market size and speculates as to whether a major acquisition is imminent.

Yipit , a New York-based startup that aggregates deals from about 90 different social buying companies, says four newbies are starting to see some traction behind the two giants in the field, Groupon and LivingSocial. These companies offers a deal a day in specific cities, but only if enough people band together to get the discount. These low barriers to entry make it hard to stand out. Yet these Groupon copycats have a couple tricks up their sleeve and are differentiating themselves on multiple fronts, according to Yipit. Some go for a higher average deal value, meaning they earn a more lucrative commission.

KGB rapped again by ASA over misleading daily deal ads

A test version of the new Facebook Deals product will launch shortly, as has been reported and assumed for some time. As for how users will pay for the deals, the spokeswoman said Facebook has not yet determined exactly how that will work, but it may include Facebook Credits. This would be an interesting move, considering Credits are to date mostly used for virtual goods and occasionally for digital goods. But deals may well have the kind of margins to support Facebook taking a significant cut its current policy for Credits is 30 percent. At the least, Facebook plans to handle Facebook Deals transactions directly through its site, said people familiar with the program. Facebook and Google ads are a huge expense for deals sites.

Daily deals websites sent letters of warning by OFT

Somewhere at Groupon headquarters, there is a fully functioning crisis room where someone is drawing devil horns on a picture of Mark Zuckerberg. With the recent wild fire rise of Flash Sales and Group Buying, it should come as no surprise that the social networking leader Facebook announced its intentions last week to launch a location-based, Groupon-style service to its million-plus members. Facebook will roll out their new social offering in beta as part of their existing Deals program, starting in San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, Atlanta and Austin. While this is an obvious next step for Facebook in developing their business model, this is good news for Facebook users looking for the next great deal, and great news for small businesses looking for new ways to reach their customers and generate loyalty via social media. Facebook has also done a fantastic job of working with U. Even Twitter has cautiously opened Promoted Twitter Account options to bev alcohol brands and regional wine boards upon individual approval. Here is a great video from Facebook that explains their Deals Program. Skip to content Search for: Share this:

Facebook vs. Groupon: Social Networking Giant Goes Local with Group Buying

These previously-issued KGB Deals coupon codes may be expired, but you can try them to see if they work:. Discover New Products. Read Our Shopping Guides. Explore our "Best Brands" Lists. Browse our Brand Directory.

KGB Burgers or Burger Brasserie? - Las Vegas Forum

Import coupon codes prestashop module. This module is a multi-tool for importing voucher codes from CSV file into Prestashop database. Save more time with this module, import all vouchers just by one click! Module works perfectly with all coupon codes from websites like groupon, livingsocial, kgb deals etc. We accelerated the loading of the inserting voucher code process. It is faster now, more about update you can read on module page. PrestaShop v1. Yes - but the download version from Addons is 1. May I have an upgrade link to 1.

Comparing Facebook Deals and Groupon whilst recognizing Google will win the war

KGB Deals, the daily deals website, has been rapped by the ASA over two ads, taking the total number of cases upheld against it to 18 this year. The complainant questioned whether the ad was misleading because terms and conditions, which included additional fees for weekend courses, were not made clear. KGB said this was due to an administrative error, because it did not have a signed contract with South Wales Kitesurfing SWK and the kitesurfing company did not respond to its requests for one. It also noted while the ad stated the offer ended on 31 August, it actually ended on 1 August and the complainant was not informed. It did not provide evidence of the price of the wine. KGB was unable to provide evidence that it had sold rooms at the invoiced price given in the email. It ruled that in the absence of documentation, the ad was misleading and was banned in its current form. KGB did not respond to a request for comment. This compares to 28 complaints about 28 LivingSocial ads and 24 complaints about 23 Wowcher ads.

Groupon-rival Wowcher, the online deals website, is looking for a creative agency to work with on a new campaign.

KGB Deals Review

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Apr 20, Written by: SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Groupon case presentation. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation?

KGB Deals kgbdeals. Compared to its peers, KGB Deals is a mid-range to slightly below mid-range performer in its category, with an overall ranking of 92 out of total brands. Compare KGB Deals vs. Discover New Products. Read Our Shopping Guides. Explore our "Best Brands" Lists.

Group Deals More and more people are taking advantage of Group deals which can over massive discounts. What type of group deals are available? Each day, Groupon features an unbeatable deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in your city. How does the groupon work? If not enough people join, no one gets it and you won t be charged , so invite your friends to make sure you get the deal! If not enough people sign up, then the deal is cancelled, and you won t be charged. Better luck next time! So if you really want the Groupon , be sure to either beg or threaten your friends. How to use the groupan deals? Many Groupons have an expiration date, but you never have to use them on the date of purchase. Once you re charged, you ll receive an email with a link to sign in and print your Groupon. Can I buy a Groupon as a gift for someone else? To have us send them the gift, select the gift option at checkout. What if the business for my Groupon closes down?

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