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Freebies cloud

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Jump to navigation. Trial Available. VPS cloud is among the prime web hosting options for boosting your site performance. As a premier web hosting solutions providers EverData delivers reliable VPS cloud services that conform to the highest standards of quality and performance. It empowers you to offer the best user experience to your visitors and enjoy a distinct position in the digital landscape! Cloud VPS server is especially important in the present digital scenario due to the increasing instances of cyber threats and other security issues.

The futuristic approach makes it a perfect choice for the clients who take their site security seriously. Control panel is a graphical user interface GUI that provides easy management and access to the Server. We offer you free SSL certificates. These certificates verify that your site meets the highest standards of security when it comes to data protection. It encourages the buyers to share their critical financial data with you irrespective of the amount and volume of purchase or mode of payment.

Enjoy low-cost email hosting plans that perfectly meets your individual requirements for all types of personal and professional emails. Get emails delivered instantly to the recipients as soon as you send them even if they include big and bulky documents. As cyber threats and incidents of hacking are on a quick rise, it becomes all the more necessary to maximize site protection. It enables you to take safety measures against latest threats and patch any security holes to fortify the security.

Our VPS Panel allows you to enjoy maximum control over your server resources. We have strategically optimized our VPS panel for enhancing speed and performance. Fed up with your existing service provider? Need a better solution, Worry not! Our well-managed panel migration process is controlled by our technical experts to ensure quick yet hassle-free migration without harming your rankings or digital reputation. Why pay a premium price for the domain you desire?

Our free domain offer not only allows you to enjoy cost efficiency but also saves you from the hassles associated with the separate process of procuring domain. Make your strong identity in the digital landscape with our free domain facility. Take maximum control of the decisive process of your digital business- Billing! Get premium billing software that is loaded with all the features and capabilities that are crucial for managing your invoice in the best possible manner.

Easy to use tools, menus, and high-end efficiency make this billing software an excellent resource for your business. Everdata Cloud has been an eCommerce entrepreneur s dream come true. With Cloud, we were able to create an environment in a few minutes without needing technology infrastructure experts. There is no need to worry about our servers not being able to scale to meet the festive frenzy of Guests seeking beautiful homestays, and also no need to invest heavily and have capacity lying idle through other times.

With such simple on-demand PaaS service, we do not feel the need to have infrastructure experts on our payroll and are confident of meeting any capacity requirements. Cloud PaaS also allows us to not worry about security, as our platform is always patched for any new platform vulnerabilities. Thousands of students get enrolled in our Universities Year in and Year out.

The load of Education ERP System is immense and the major requirement is fast connectivity and data movement. Seeing the burgeoning demand for this extensive load and data on hand, we subscribed to the hosting services provided by EverData Technologies about 2 years ago. We are very happy to say that we have always had good local connectivity through them. They seem to have a good support system that runs round the clock 24x7. As a Bank or primary concern is high availability of services to our customers.

Web service down or transaction failed is a strict no-no in the banking world. In this internet world of ours, where one often hears and reads about downtime of speed problems, we are thankful to say that we have never faced any issues since the time that we have been associated with EverData Technologies. Furthermore we are satisfied with the high availability of connectivity provided by them.

Google Tag Manager. Freebies Worth Order Now. Free Trial Now. Why should you get cloud VPS server for your site? VPS Migration Panel. FREE Domain. Downtimes can be dangerous for your business Read More. Now seamlessly scale up your order and add required virtual pri Now purchase Cloud VPS plan that perfectly aligns with your You are no longer limited to start and stop your VPS over the net It is extremely important that you should be comfortable working Your business is a growing entity and with the opportunities, the The success of your digital business largely depends upon the You can also opt for our round the clock award-winning technical Our Clients Previous Pause Next.

Clients Testimonials Everdata Cloud has been an eCommerce entrepreneur s dream come true. Tejas Parulekar. Previous Pause Next. For Sales Enquiry Everdata Technologies is rated 7. Live Chat. Have questions about hosting with EverData? I am here to help you. No thanks.

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DefinedCrowd, a Seattle software startup, had a choice to make when it was developing its first product last year: For founder Daniela Braga, the competing services seemed about even in terms of features.

Private hosting of multiple Git repositories with free access for up to 5 users, 50 GB of storage and 50 GB of egress. Explore, launch, and manage select ready-to-go solutions on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace for free up to specified usage limits. Google Cloud. Free usage limits on participating products for eligible customers, during and after the free trial.

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Jump to navigation. Trial Available. VPS cloud is among the prime web hosting options for boosting your site performance. As a premier web hosting solutions providers EverData delivers reliable VPS cloud services that conform to the highest standards of quality and performance. It empowers you to offer the best user experience to your visitors and enjoy a distinct position in the digital landscape! Cloud VPS server is especially important in the present digital scenario due to the increasing instances of cyber threats and other security issues. The futuristic approach makes it a perfect choice for the clients who take their site security seriously.

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Like our recent posts for retailers and manufacturers , this guide assembles many of the recent ebooks, videos, software trials, customer stories, and useful links from Microsoft—all in one place. Simon Kos—Chief Medical Officer at Microsoft—discusses the digital revolution in healthcare and the role Microsoft plays today in the industry. Link here. Clinical Analytics explores how you can better manage the growing complexity and volume of data created in healthcare. Virtual Health explores how virtual health solutions can connect clinicians, care teams, and patients through a single, secure, and compliant platform. Operational Analytics explores how teams can use analytics to improve care. This ebook outlines the differences between clinical, operational, diagnostic, descriptive, and predictive analytics. Building Rigor into Cybersecurity offer healthcare organizations a step-by-step plan to improve their cybersecurity and stay compliant. Features link s to multiple other ebooks and case studies. Jennifer explains how mobile and other technologies support the Zero Suicide program by keeping people at risk engaged and by providing a data-driven approach to improving their wellbeing.

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I accept Cloudfreebies privacy policy. Switchd automatically switch you to the cheapest energy tariffs to make sure your saving money, get your free membership now… Read more. Claim your free Michael Collins commemorative coin today! Last year marked one of the most important events in Irish history,… Read more. Get into shape in the comfort of your own home with this app. Read more.

Microsoft s weapon in high-stakes cloud-computing battle with Amazon? Freebies

When was the last time you bought a computer program? If it s been a while, you won t believe how expensive they can be. Fortunately, there are free services out there that can fulfill a specific tech need. From online storage to office suites to free multimedia editing software, these are high-quality, well-developed and easy-to-use programs that you can use on a daily basis. And did I mention they re free? Google Drive is great if you re already a Google user. This free cloud storage system gives you 5 gigabytes of free online storage, and Google Drive users have the ability to buy even more storage as needed. It comes pre-installed on all Apple products. This service makes it easy to transfer and view files across your iPhones, iPads and iMacs.

Subscribe today for new releases, exclusive freebies and special offers. Your Brand Deserves the Best! So what sets us apart? With Smart Objects, you can customize our mockups with your own branding and personality in just a few clicks. All objects and shadows are fully separated, you can get the result you want and create unique mockups, every time. You will get a detailed, illustrated user guide. From books and clothing to technology and marketing materials all in one handy package. Extremely useful and easy in work, this mock-ups helps to arrange your project and make it realistic, qualitative and memorable. Anastasia Kolesnikova. Freelance Designer.

Amazon is pushing its cloud offering to both small and big developers by making available free tools for at least a year. Other tools will be available indefinitely to help developers build applications that will maximise the cloud computing model based on Amazon s technologies.

Adopting any new technology for business gives jitters to IT decision makers, and the cloud is no different. Over the past couple of years there have been a number of forums, where analysts and vendors have time and again highlighted the benefits the cloud, but somehow most IT decision makers still find security as the biggest hurdle in embracing cloud computing. My question is - are CIOs and CTOs genuinely worried about security or are they just using the issue of security as an excuse? Last week, KPMG had released a report on how consumers use technology. The report showed that, in India, 78 percent of consumers were concerned of unauthorized access to their personal information. However, 65 percent were willing to give up their on-line personal information in return for something of value. On the cloud computing front, the report revealed an astonishing fact. Worldwide, 66 percent consumers have used some type of cloud service, while in India the cloud penetration stood at 88 percent, which is apparently one of the highest worldwide. Even in developed countries such as US and Germany, only 51 percent and 27 percent consumers respectively used the cloud. So, how come India has such a large base of cloud users? The primary reasons for such a mass adoption of cloud in India are the various free email, social networking, photo sharing, and video sharing services. Now these services never promise you that your personal details and data is percent secure. Yet this fact does not deter people from using such services, even a number of enterprises use these services. However, when firms have to intentionally adopt such technologies for their business, they always get bit by the paranoia bug. Before being suspicious about a technology, we need to understand that no technology is percent secure.

Microsoft and Google each this week increased incentives offered for joining their cloud platforms, highlighting the aggressive nature of this battle for market share. In the IaaS market all the big providers have free service tiers that allow customers to test their products before paying for them. The expanded freebies announced this week by these vendors goes beyond that though. Microsoft announced free support upgrades on Tuesday. Any customer who buys Azure Services through an Enterprise Agreement EA between May 1 of this year and June 30 of next year will receive a free support upgrade. Customers who do not choose to buy support as part of their EA will get free standard support, which includes unlimited technical assistance for subscription management and break-fix issues.

As data professionals, we should always strive to keep our systems updated and patched to ensure proper security of our environments. Microsoft has moved away from releasing service packs to releasing just cumulative updates and the occasional hotfixes. These hotfixes may or may not be security related, but it behooves us to ensure things get patched. For those running Windows and R2, extended support for the operating system will end on January 14 th , Giving you another year for the OS before you have to worry about support for it. You read the correctly. You will NOT be receiving the security patches for free after that point. This amount will add up quickly. As we get closer to those end dates stated above, Microsoft will begin to offer purchase options for the extended security updates. You choose to upgrade to a newer version of the software. If you stay within the more recent versions of the software, SQL Server or Windows, you would continue to receive security patches at no additional cost to you. This infers that your organization has to keep up with the times. As Microsoft releases new versions and older versions age themselves out, the same issue will apply. Migrate to the cloud.

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