Pick n save coupons double days

Pick n save coupons double days

RSS Feed Comments. The Saturday double coupon days promotion has been running since late , and has always been extended when the promotion was scheduled to end. Please leave a comment and let us know. Ending Saturday double coupons??? Yet another of many,many reasons I will be shopping elsewhere.

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This content uses referral links. Read our disclosure policy for more info. Internet printed coupons. Maximum value of coupons. Coupons are accepted only for products of equal or greater value; they do not give cash back on coupons. Sales tax is paid by the customer at full retail. Free product coupons. There is no limit on the value of an internet printed coupon. Right of refusal. The store has the right to refuse any coupon printed from the internet at any time.

Stacking store coupons with manufacturer-issued coupons. Every Wednesday — even when it is not explicitly advertised in the paper. If you plan your transactions using the shelf price versus the sale price, you do so at your own risk that the registers have been modified to align with their formal corporate policy. The register just does it. The first five.

The first 5 eligible coupons scanned will double — that means you should hand the clerk your 5 highest value coupons first. I was told that the store where I shop will allow these coupons to double if they double automatically when scanned. Your turn: Are you sure you have the first coupon policy point correct? Erin — Yes, you are right that they accept free product coupons from the newspaper. It wasn t written very clearly. I have modified the language now.

Thanks for the head s up. I appreciate it! Ellie — Internet coupons can be doubled at Rainbow, but each store sets a threshold for the highest value internet printed coupons they ll accept. Call your store to verify their limit. Hope that helps! Don t the sale prices ring up, not the regular prices? Thanks for your help! I m pretty new to shopping at Rainbow — I ve always been a Cub Foods girl, but my mother-in-law says she gets much better deals at Rainbow, so I ve got to try it out.

Laura — Rainbow s registers automatically double coupons once you hit "the threshold". Cashiers don t do anything to help that process, like a push a button or anything. I will give a detailed answer as to how the register knows the regular price, but if this is confusing for you don t worry — you don t need to understand this to have your coupons doubled.

When a product is scanned at Rainbow the full, regular price is what the register "records". The prices drop to sale prices when the order is sub-totaled. In my experience at Rainbow there are two ways that orders get sub-totaled. You can tell by looking at the screen where you watch the prices and see if it says "sub-total" after each line. Does that help? PocketYourDollars — That was very helpful! I went to Rainbow this morning and it was sooooo easy.

I ll have to keep track of my prices so that I can figure out if I m getting a better deal there or at Cub. I went to Rainbow today and did get some great deals. On my second trip through, I was informed by the cashier that the corporate office is starting to change policies about doubling coupons.

I guess she got yelled at by the manager because the manager caught it on a transaction in between my two transactions. The cash register gives it to you anyway, so I don t know how they will enforce that…. What happens after the first 5 coupons are doubled? Why do I only hand them them 5 first? I always give them all of them? Should I be worried that they won t double?

I can t remember where on your website I read it, but you had asked if anyone was sure if the Bergan s Supervalu on Cedar Avenue in South Minneapolis always does double coupons. I got their ad in my Sunday paper this week and just wanted to confirm that right on the front it states that they always double their coupons. Carrie, what did you do?!

It is not easy to add things up in your head, especially when you have a seven-month-old distracting you. At least that s what I ve found. I ve been told that Rainbow and Cub both accept expired coupons but I don t know how far past the expiration date. Do you know the policy on this? Does anyone know if Rainbow will price match with Target? If so, the Gold n plump chicken would be a great deal with a doubled coupon!

In response to the expired coupon question — I overheard from a Rainbow employee that the register won t read the coupon as expired until the end of the week. I have not yet tried this yet — though I plan to. If anyone knows differently, please share: Cub in Cambridge,MN where I shop will accept coupons up to two months past the expiration date. The Cub Foods locations I ve been too accept coupons up to 3 months past their expiration date.

Rainbow has a more strict policy but I ve noticed an expired coupon go through on rare occasion when the date is close—perhaps as Theresa has learned the register won t recognize an expired coupon until the end of the week. I called Bergan s and asked- they said that they double every day. Undoubtedly you probably know that by now, however I was wondering if you would mind telling what paper you received with the Bergan s ad in it. I have been wondering if there was a grocery store somewhere in the metro area that doubled all coupons.

Seems it would be much easier to just get them all doubled and only concern myself with getting a great deal! You can just use that on your next shopping trip. Can you use a catalina coupon printed from Cub that is a manufacturer coupon for a free item and use it at Rainbow? It says redeemable at Cub but how is this any different than Target coupons that are manufacturer coupons?

Rainbow accepts those— just checking before I go. I ve wondered about the Cub catalinas as well. The last time I tried to use a manuf. I argued the point and he called over a supervisor who said he was correct that they aren t supposed to accept coupons with another store logo on it, even if it it s a manuf. It d be nice to get the corporate policy in writing on these points. I have used a manufacturer coupon with a Target logo as well at Rainbow and the cashier questioned it. The manager came over and approved it because it is a manufacturer coupon.

I guess we will see what happens…. My Target logo q got turned down by the cashier at Rainbow. Even thou I pointed out that it says Manufacture coupon at the top. She said it s for Target only. I guess it depends upon which cashier you get. Janell, if the coupon you get from the register says "manufacturer coupon" on top which most of them do , it means you can t stack them with another manufacturer coupon.

As for the Target logo coupons, many people are reporting that Rainbow cashiers are not accepting these, even though they re manufacturer s coupons. I personally haven t tried it yet at mine and probably won t. As has been explained to you — give the cashier the five 5 highest coupons followed by all the rest — after the first five have been doubled, the rest of the coupons will be taken off at face value. I am looking for help from someone on this one. I would like to know how many pounds is usually in one of those Hormel baby back rib packages???

I have bought them before. The 3 stores that I visit still use Shelf Price — but it is a risk every time because you never know when they will update their systems. I m totally new to Rainbow s double coupon days and I m not sure what you mean about having two different transactions. Please explain. Thank you in advance. The official policy of rainbow is that it doesn t accept expired coupons.

Though I know the computers will take them if you get a cashier that doesn t look or doesn t care. The cashier I had today told me that they can expire earlier in the week that you use them but it can t be before the most recetn Sunday, if that makes sense. You can use different sets of five coupons for each transaction, and get maximum savings that way.

Oh I see!

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Also, save with coupons and the latest deals from Pick n Save.

Coupon clippers are always looking for additional ways to save money, and finding a new double coupon grocery store is no different. Every week I receive emails asking what stores double coupons in this area or another. Things to keep in mind about double coupon stores. Have you read our double coupon guide? Share with us Do you know of a grocery store that will double coupons?

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If you like this article, please consider subscribing so you ll never miss the latest coupon news. For daily digests, just sign up for our email newsletter , or get the latest news right in your feed reader. You can also be notified of news as it happens, by becoming a Facebook fan or following couponinthenews on Twitter. Thanks for visiting! The emergence of a new corporate overlord is not always a welcome development in the grocery world. At the time, many Harris Teeter fans fretted that the more downscale Kroger would ruin their favorite upscale store.

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Remember Me? Double Days? View Poll Results: When do you generally shop at Pick N Save? Wednesday for Double Days 2 Trader rating: Taking a poll! Do you generally shop on Wednesday Double Days on Saturday Double Days both, or do you generally shop on a non-doubling days. Looking for info on my readers to know what info is best for you.

Pick ‘n Save Ends Saturday Double Coupon Daze

This content uses referral links. Read our disclosure policy for more info. Internet printed coupons. Maximum value of coupons. Coupons are accepted only for products of equal or greater value; they do not give cash back on coupons.

Coupon Policy for Roundy’s Stores: Rainbow Foods, Copps, Pick n Save

This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author s own. This week s ad at Pick n Save is a wonkey one. It s only two pages and lasts three itty bitty days. I was able to wrangle up a few deals for you though. But that total is before coupons! Since this week s grocery matchups are lackluster, I thought I d add some savings sparkle with a great travel deal I found today. That price includes fees and taxes as well! TravelZoo is the site I always look to when I travel or fantisize about traveiling.

Pick N’ Save DOUBLE DOUBLE Coupon Day 83%% SAVINGS!!!!!

Wisconsin s Double Coupon Grocery Stores Written by Alex Bach Double coupons have become standard practice for many strategic shoppers, ensuring the biggest discounts and the most explosive bang for their buck. But How Do They Work? Double coupons are cents-off coupons, usually manufacturer coupons or coupons for the store itself, that double their value when presented at checkout. Your grocer, trying to draw in more traffic by rewarding their customers, double the discount at their own expense. That means, of course, that double coupons, while saving you oodles of money, are doing so at the expense of the grocery store. For this reason, not every grocery store accepts double coupons, and ones that do are like a rare and exquisite gem. However they limit customers to only three coupons per purchase. Sentry Foods will double coupons as long as they don t specifically say "Do Not Double.


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